Google search

Google search

I’ve been using Google as my search engine since college. It loads up faster, has better search results, and lots of tricks when searching. It’s not only a popular search engine but also has become a common term for doing web searches. Here are some search tricks that would make googling more productive, easy, and fun.

1. Filter search results by file types

If you’re making a search and you want to get results that are in other formats such as a PDF (Portable Document Format), DOC (MS Word), PPT (MS PowerPoint), etc…, type in <keyword> filetype:<format>. ex. aviation filetype:pdf.

2. Word definition

There are two ways to get a definition of a word using Google. First, type in the search box define <keyword>, ex define victory. You’ll be given a definition by Google. Second, type in define:<keyword>, ex. define:victory, and you’ll be given different definitions from various online sources.

3. Calculator

Google has a built-in calculator function. Just type in your equation and press Search, you’ll be given an answer. It follows MDAS.

4. Filter search results by websites and domains

If you want to search something and it’s from a particular website, type in <keyword> site:<website URL>, ex. sports All the results will be webpages from the Manila Bulletin website containing the keyword “sports”. You may also filter your searches by using the top-level domains (.edu, .org, .com). So if you’ll be searching for something from educational institutions, type in <keyword> site:edu, ex. sports site:edu. And if you want to narrow down your search to educational institutions in the Philippines or any country, just add the corresponding domain country code like ph or kr.

5. Related sites

To search for web pages that have similar or related contents to a given site, type in related:<website URL>, ex. You’ll get results that contain antivirus and computer security infos and downloads.

6. Conversion

Google also has conversion functions, from currencies to units of measurements. For currency conversion, type in the conversion to be done and Google will provide the answer in the search result page. Ex. 1 US Dollar in Philippine peso or 1USD in PHP. Use the same process for units of measurement conversions, ex. 1 foot in inches or 1 ft in inch.

7. Time

You may check the time of other countries but make sure you’re using Google in English. Type in time <country/state/city>, ex. time Manila.

8. Track flight status (US and UK only)

To track flight status, type in <airline><flight number>, ex. Continental Airlines flight 5 or British Airways 6.

9. Phonebook (US only)

To search for a person’s phone number, type in phonebook:<name of the person><state/city>, ex phonebook:jefferson TX or phonebook:jefferson new york.

10. Exclude specific keywords

You may exclude specific keywords that may be found in result by appending a hyphen to the word to be excluded, i.e. <keyword> -<word to be excluded>, ex. fedora bible –amazon.

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