GMail doesn’t use folder for file organization. Instead, it uses labels. To better understand GMail labels, here’s a knol written by gravi_t (an active GMail group member).

Imagine this:

– each email is a piece of paper
– labels are post-it notes, sticky notes
– there are default labels, like “Inbox”, “Sent items”, “Trash” (“Bin”), “Spam”
– you can also create labels (i.e. sticky notes)

This means that – unlike in other email services – you do not put the emails into folders. You actually attach labels to the emails.

There’s only one copy of your emails:

– you only just have ONE existing copy of your emails
– no matter how many labels (post-its) you stick on them
– you can attach as many labels to this one copy as you want, just as you can stick a lot of post-it notes to the same one piece of paper

This is why your email disappears from everywhere when you delete it; because deleting the email means deleting the “piece of paper”!!

To create labels:

– either open the “Labels” or the “Move to” drop-down lists after you selected an email
– or go to Settings –> Labels, and type a name in the “Create a new label:” field.
– you can see a list of all of your labels in the green labels box on the left.

So after creating and assigning labels to your emails, you can isolate them from other emails (work-related, from friends, etc) by clicking the appropriate label found on the left side.

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