The Run command is used to open an application or document with a known path. This feature saves time when working with Windows. Instead of clicking an icon on your desktop or browsing for a program from the start menu, just press the Windows key + “R”, type in the keyword and press Enter. Type in “firefox” to open your Firefox browser, “sol” for Solitaire, “calc” for Calculator, “winword” for Microsoft Word, and so on.

There’s also a way of opening your frequently used programs using the Run command. Here’s how.

1. Create desktop shortcuts of programs you want to open using the Run command. Rename them with something you can use as keywords. Example: Photoshop rename to something like “pshop“.

2. Cut and paste the shortcuts you created in a folder. For this, I’ll name my folder “myApps“. Place the folder somewhere in your system like “C:/Windows/“.

3. Right click on My Computer and select Properties.

4. Select the Advanced tab. Click the Environment Variables button. On the System Variables part, select the Path variable and click edit. Add the path of your shortcuts – if you used my sample, it’s “C:/Windows/myApps“. Don’t forget to put a semicolon first before adding the path.

5. Click OK until you close the System Properties dialog box. You may need to restart your pc for the setting to take effect.

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