Techs from Mozilla released Windows theme mockups for the Firefox 3.7 version. And yes, they look great on Windows XP and even better on Vista and Windows 7 OSes with the Aero Glass interface.

Here’s a good news for users of Firefox 3.0 and later! BoneyardBrew and SoapyHamHocks have created a theme based on the mockups. This can be downloaded from the deviantART website. Unzip the downloaded Zip file. Drag and drop the extracted .JAR file to Firefox’ Add-ons window to install the theme. Here’s a screenshot of how it it looks like:

Firefox 3.7 on Vista and Windows 7

Firefox 3.7 on Aero Glass

Install the All Glass Firefox add-on for the glass effect for Windows Vista and 7.

For the Tools button, install the Personal Menu add-on. Right click on an empty area near the search box and select Customize. Drag and drop the Tools and Bookmarks buttons.

Now go to Tools > Add-ons > Extensions menu and select Personal Menu from the list. Click on Options button and go to Advanced tab. Enable Hide Drop-Marker option. Also enable Hide Menus Toolbar and Show temporarily by pressing ALT key options to hide menu bar.

And finally, install Stylish. After installing, copy the “Stylish_Fixes.txt” file from the downloaded ZIP file. Click the Stylish icon on the status bar, select Write new style > Blank style. Paste the copied code, give it a name and click Save.

Thanks to askVG‘s Vishal Gupta for the added steps.


This theme is not supported on Firefox 3.6 as of now.


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