After tinkering with the Fedora distro (I use it when creating servers), I decided to use Ubuntu. I installed Jaunty Jackalope first on my sister’s HP laptop and it worked well. All devices were detected and their drivers installed. It’s so easy to install free/open source apps. I didn’t have to use the command line and that really makes it easy to use especially for the non-techy users.

Next, I installed it on one workstation I use in our office. I control the machine using a KVM switch. The installation went fine, but then Jaunty Jackalope used an 800×600 resolution which is odd because the Windows machine I have uses 1280×960 resolution and I was also able to use Fedora 10 with 1024×768 on that now-Ubuntu (on-board video) box. I checked it’s xorg.conf file and found out that there was nothing much in

KVM Switch

KVM Switch

there. I also did the “dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg”, did a reboot and it worked (1152×864). I thought of restarting again and it went back to 800×600. Weird. I had to run the command again just to make the higher resolution work. And everytime I restart it, it goes back to the lower resolution.

When I got back home, I checked the xorg.conf of my sister’s Ubuntu laptop. I also found the same thing – nothing much. I think that means, Ubuntu has had the correct drivers installed and no other configurations were needed.

I checked out forums and found out that there are other users who really have problems with resolutions when they’re connected to KVM switches. One explanation says that Ubuntu is picking up the monitor’s capabilities correctly but the KVM switch is not passing it correctly on to Ubuntu and that’s why it defaults to 800×600. And because of that, I edited my xorg.conf and added a subsection on the Screen section of the file.

Section "Screen"
     Identifier    "Default Screen"
     Monitor        "Configured Monitor"
     Device        "Configured Video Device"
          SubSection "Display"
                 Depth    24
                 Modes    "1280x1024" "1280x960" "1024x768" "800x600"
          End SubSection

I did a restart after saving the configuration file, and I was prompted with warning messages. But I just went on and now have a 1152×864 resolution. I don’t think that this is really the solution but no one has came up with one. So I’m sticking to this until I find it.

If you have possible solutions, please do contribute by commenting. Thanks…

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