Windows 7 offers a way to access all the operating system’s control panels – from configuring your system settings up to tweaking your gadgets, all in one folder. Others have referred to this as the “GodMode”. Here’s a screenshot of the GodMode feature:

Windows 7 GodMode

Windows 7 GodMode

This may be also done using a 32-bit version of Vista. There were warnings, however, that  64-bit Vista may crash when this trick is applied.

To be in “GodMode”, create a new folder and rename it to:


You may also change the name “GodMode” to any name you want. After hitting the Enter key, the folder icon will look like the Control Panel and will contain lots of options to configure your system.

There are other GodMode strings/features but I haven’t tried them yet and I’m not sure what they’re for. I’ll be posting for updates as soon as I check them out.

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