I was done with my “library” source image for cloning. I was able to upload it to the Fog server. And, yes, I was able to deploy the image to a target workstation. I tested the imaged PC – ran several programs and apps, checked the network. Then I fired up Firefox and this error popped up:

Error when opening Firefox

Error when opening Firefox

It says that Firefox could not locate the entry point “IsThreadDesktopComposited” in the User32 DLL (Dynamic Link Library). Did a search and found answers.

It’s not a Firefox problem. That’s why reinstalling or upgrading Firefox (from 3.6.3 to 3.6.4) didn’t solve it. I found out that this only happens to Windows XP. The culprit is the “dwmapi.dll” file found in the System32 folder. Dwmapi.dll is a Windows Vista file that may have been installed in the said location by another program.

To fix the problem, open C:\Windows\System32 folder. Locate and delete dwmapi.dll. Restart Firefox to check if the problem still occurs.

Microsoft Support

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