Firefox 4 Beta 1

Firefox 4 Beta 1 on Windows XP

Mozilla has released the beta 1 version of Firefox 4. I’ve already downloaded and installed the browser on my Intel P4 machine. It worked great. It loads sites faster compared to its previous versions. It has an almost similar look to Google’s Chrome except for the title bar that was retained. And it doesn’t freeze that much anymore. However, it’s now on top of my Task Manager’s processes list as it eats up more resources compared to the 3.6.x versions. I’ll further test the beta version for updates.

It also has a feedback button at the right side beside the search pane where you can send your feedback to make it better. And since it’s in beta stage, most of your add-ons won’t work.


I already installed the beta version on a Windows 7 machine. It also has the title bar but the menu bar is automatically hidden. Just press the ALT key to unhide it. It’s still on top of my processes list. well, it’s still fast. Here’s how it looks like:

Firefox 4 Beta 1 on Windows 7

Firefox 4 Beta 1 on Windows 7

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