If you’re using an x86_64 architecture of Fedora, and having problems with Flash player installation for Firefox, follow this quick tutorial.

Flash Player

Flash Player

1. (This is optional) If you’ve tried installing Flash on your system, remove it first. Include nspluginwrapper too.
[root@hostname username]# yum erase flash-plugin nspluginwrapper*

2a. Install the rpm package for 64-bit plugin created by Leigh Scott.
[root@hostname username]# rpm -Uvh http://www.linux-ati-drivers.homecall.co.uk/flash.x86_64/flash-release-1-2.noarch.rpm

2b. You may also download the rpm package and install it from your downloaded directory. Assuming that the file is in your Downloads folder:
[root@hostname username]# rpm -Uvh /home/username/Downloads/flash-release-1-2.noarch.rpm

3. Install the plugin using yum.
[root@hostname username]# yum install flash-plugin

Check if Flash player is installed. This rpm works for Firefox and Opera and from Fedora 12 or newer.