Balloon Getaway

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Zeenoh Games will be releasing it’s 4th iOS game, inspired by its Filipino roots. Reminiscent of the war era and the Filipino heroes who fought their way through freedom, Balloon Getaway has been realized. Balloon Getaway is enclosed in the period when people relied on the power that mechanical equipment brings, wherein wars were fueled by machines as sought by power-hungry dictators. Factions have been formed, allowing rebels and bandits to freely establish their tyranny among the land. The game follows the story of Jetro, as he pursues his freedom from the evil bandits. Jetro, a young spirited boy who is fascinated with modern aircraft, has been held captive by a group of bandits. Being a skilled air nomad, Jetro was able to free himself.

The interface of Balloon Getaway is designed in line with a rail shooter genre, which allows players to enhance their flying capabilities, surpass all of the games’ obstacles and defeat the evil bosses conveniently. The player would need to swiftly navigate the aircraft to pick up ammunition, avoid structures that might destroy his ship and shoot the enemies. The player must finish the initial stages in order to unlock the succeeding areas. Each stage has a mini-boss battle, before taking on the main boss. Three stages are free, whereas the rest can be purchased.

Jetro starts with a default of five lives, which you can buff up to ten as you pick up power-ups along the way. Loots vary from additional lives, advanced weapons, ammunitions, and shields, to name a few. In looting items, the player must be careful in navigating the aircraft as it can get tangled in the structures.

Most enemies that you will encounter across the stages move fast, but can be dealt with a single shot. However, mini and main bosses are equipped with longer lives. The exciting thing about the game is that you can change your aircraft and your pilot. Other pilots come with stronger armaments and greater skills than the default one. An important value that the game shares to its players is that the trees and animals in the game must be left unharmed. Balloon Getaway is 100% eco-friendly, so don’t even think about shooting trees to loot items. You won’t find any.

Download Balloon Getaway from here.

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Mac OS and Malware Issues

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Two new Mac OS malware variants have been discovered as soon as the FlashBack Trojan issue is staring to decline. Discovered by Kaspersky, they are versions of SabPub – an information-stealing Trojan.

Mac OS is starting to get it’s own share of malware attacks now that it has grabbed a big marketshare. But still, Apple continues the won’t-get-infected-by-virus  proposition about the OS. And this is one of the features that PC consumers are anticipating everytime they buy these machines/devices. And that they’re safe from malwares without anything to be done.

Yes it won't get infected by Windows-based viruses.

It’s misleading. Macs won’t really get infected by malwares/viruses that are Windows-based. But they may get infected by those that are made for Macs. Even if those malwares attack third-party softwares (Java, Flash, etc.), it’s just inevitable to install them because they are part of everyday browsing and other computer tasks. Once they’re infected, Mac users would also be exposed to what their Windows counterparts are experiencing, e.g. stolen credentials and the like.

Apple should start educating its consumers about computer security on Macs. There’s nothing wrong on telling your users to install an anti-virus or that they should be extra careful when browsing the web. They should stop this misleading information about a virus-free Mac OS.

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