Friday is Free Day – 4K Video Downloader

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4K Video Downloader is another free video downloader available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. One cool feature that separates it from other video downloaders is that it gives you an option to download subtitles if they’re available.

4K-Video-Downloader“Simple yet effective” – that’s what users usually comment on the application. Just copy the video URL and click the Paste Link button. You’ll be given options on the quality of video you want to download and if it has subtitles, it also gives you the option to download them in SRT format. The video formats vary from MP4, MKV, M4A, and FLV. You can download videos from Youtube, DailyMotion, Facebook, and Vimeo. Playlists can also be downloaded but if it’s more than 25 clips, you’ll have to get a license key. Still, not bad.

Other applications offered by 4K Download are MP3 extraction apps, slideshow maker, and Instagram image grabber.

Get Mac Apps with One Command

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Ever wonder if you could have a Ninite-like program that you can use for Macs? Get Mac Apps fills in that void of multiple apps installation for OS X.

getmacappsAll you have to do is visit the site, select the apps you want to install, copy the generated command, paste it in Terminal, and press Return to start the installation.

They’ve got the basic apps we usually install on new systems – Chrome, Firefox, VLC, Caffeine, Handbrake, Audacity. They also have Gimp, Libre Office, Text Wrangler, and Sublime Text 2 & 3.

I’m just not sure if running the same command would update the installed apps. If you’ve tested it already, you may share the result by commenting.

Friday is Free Day – Pages Converter


iWork Pages

iWork Pages

Last time, I made an article on how to open Pages document as PDFs on Windows systems. This would allow users to print or view the documents created on iWork Pages. On today’s Friday is Free Day, I’ll feature an application that will convert Pages documents to text files.

Pages Converter is an app created by David Cohen who goes by the name synth3t1c on SourceForge. On its 0.6 version, Pages Converter is able to convert Pages documents to text files. This also means that formatting, tables, and images are all ignored. This uses the XML file contained in the Pages document so you have to extract its contents first.

Also, you need to have at least Microsoft .Net Framework 3 installed on your system. Here’s a link to the 3.5 version. Download the Pages Converter software from the SourceForge site. Unzip the contents and run PagesConverter.exe. Assuming that you have extracted the contents of your Pages document, click the Add File button and search for the XML file. Once the XML file is added, click the Convert to TXT button. The converted file is located in the same directory as your XML file.

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