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Brent Review on the Web

The Brent Review website is now up! We used WordPress as the platform, Hybrid as it’s parent theme, and Malleable for the child theme. I did some configurations to change the colors, background, and header to make the site suit up for different celebrations/holidays.

Below are screenshots of the site. Click the image for a larger view. I’ll update this whenever a new look is created. It’s still a work in progress and I’m still learning the ins and outs of WordPress and web design. Constructive criticisms are always welcome.




Remove SubPages Links in Main Navigation on




When you create a subpage or a child page on, a link for the page automatically appears under the parent’s page link. This makes blogging easy for users. But what if you want to setup your blog in another way that you don’t want these subpage links to appear under their parent’s page in the main menu? I was asked to do this on a site that I maintain.

Movember PI, a moustache-growing charity event, has a site that has a gallery page of the participants’ pictures and every participant has their own individual pages. So the main gallery page is the parent page and the individual pages are the child pages. At first, the problem was overlooked because we started with 3-4 participants. But then, when more people joined, we had a long list of links when we mouse over the parent page link. Here’s how it looked like.

A long list of subpages links

A long list of subpages links

What if a hundred people joined? It would be a really very long list that would be hard to navigate. Fortunately, there’s a solution I came up with – using the Menus configuration.

Assuming you’re logged on to your blog site, go to Appearance > Menus (found on the left side). Give your new menu a name and click the Create Menu button.

Menus Create Menu

After creating the menu, select the parent pages on the Pages palette to be added to your custom menu. You may have to click the View All option to see all the links. After selecting all the parent pages, click the Add to Menu button. Don’t forget to save your menu to update its settings.

Add to Menu

Add to Menu

And finally, select your customized menu from the Theme Locations palette and click Save. Check your site if the changes took place.

Theme Locations

Theme Locations

You may check out the Movember PI website to see the effect of the configuration. By the way, I’m using the Koi theme by NDesign for the said website.

First Web2.0 Icons

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Yay! I just created my first ever web 2.0 icons! I’m using them for this blog site. I’ve created three icons with shades of blue only. One is for RSS, Twitter, and WordPress. I’ll add more from time to time.

I’m no graphic designer actually. I do have a hard time creating web graphics – the design, color combination. Whew! If you’re a graphics/web designer, maybe you could give me tips or tutorials on how to improve my work. It would be great to learn from you. Thanks.

By the way, here are the icons.

wordpress twitter rss

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